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Four Square Blendo
  • Four Square Blendo

Four Square Blendo

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Four 18" silks suddenly become one 36" silk within the magician's hands!

This is one of the most beautiful and classic effects of magic! The magician shows the audience five silks. One is red, one is yellow, one is green, one is blue and one is white. The white silk is tied around the others. This white silk is untied, and set aside. The other four silks are then held between the magician's hands. He twirls his hands for a moment. Suddenly, instead of four individual silks, he only has one big 36" square silk scarf in his hands! It is composed of four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue.

The four scarves have "blended" into one!

• 100% pure silk.
• Full color instructions written by Duane Laflin included.

By on  25 June 2009 (Four Square Blendo) :


El truco está bien y es imposible pillarlo aunque yo suelo sacar 3 pañuelos del mismo color separados y cuando digo que me falta un pañuelo y lo cojo de la maleta cojo los pañuelos trucados.

By on  29 July 2006 (Four Square Blendo) :


es genial, no necesita casi practica y no se ve el truco por mucho que quieras.

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