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Phoenix Single Decker Regular Faces, Red Backs
  • Phoenix Single Decker Regular Faces, Red Backs

Phoenix Single Decker Regular Faces, Red Backs

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Finally, the perfect companion for your Double Decker is here!

These cards perfectly match our Double Deckers, they just have twice the thickness of the ultra thin cards. Wow! Uhhmmm really?! But then they are just like a deck of regular cards?! Yes! And no.

So far it was impossible to MIX thick and thin cards in a single deck. As regular playing cards are made out of linen structure paper and have black glue in their inner core, they do not match the thin Double Decker cards.

The Single Decker cards are made out of exactly the same material as the Double Deckers, so only touching helps to identify if a card is from a Double Decker or Single Decker deck.

Our most popular effect Out of Sight by Joshua Jay is using a mix of theses cards as well, and the thick cards convince the spectator who handles the deck himself that "everything is normal".

Get a blank face Single Decker to freshen up your Out of Sight Deck as these are the cards that are handled the most during the performance of the effect.

Key features of the Phoenix Single Decker:

• The cards of the Single Decker are twice as thick as the ultrathin cards of the Double Decker!

• Design, playing card size and corner roundings exactly match the regular Phoenix Deck

• Cardcase of the Single Decker matches the Double Decker

• The backs are marked like the Phoenix Marked Deck and therefore allows additional handlings


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