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Accessories Bicycle Ghost Deck - Ellusionist TiendaMagia - 1
  • Accessories Bicycle Ghost Deck - Ellusionist TiendaMagia - 1
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Bicycle Ghost Deck - Ellusionist

Ghost maintains the

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Temorarily out of stock. We will have it again soon!

Ghost maintains the Bicycle look & feel, but adds touches that the red and blue decks lack.

Stripped of color, the Ghost displays itself as a black and white, eerie, yet elegant deck. The only color visible is the deep red on the hearts and diamonds....




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" Phenomenal feel and finish..." - Daniel Garcia (magic pro), TX

" I put the Ghost ahead of all the other decks out there..." - Lonnie Dilan (card pro), L.A., CA

"... sure to twist the mind of your spectator." - Steve Brooks, Owner, The Magic Cafe




Designed by Ellusionist, the Bicycle Ghost Deck has a thick high grade stock, a smooth finish and an amazing design. Five solid months of design work went into the Ghost Deck.

Latin on the Joker says: "The World Invites Deception".

One of the Jokers is stepping on an Ace of Clubs, one Joker is not. This allows a sweet reveal for magicians. When you turn the Ace of Spades upside down, you'll notice snake heads at the base of the pip. In addition, there is a hand coming out of the top of the Ace. Whereas the Black Tiger Deck is tight, focused and aggressive, the Ghost emanates beauty and energy.









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By on  14 Dec. 2014 (Bicycle Ghost Deck - Ellusionist) :


Muy bonita, impactante la imagen de las cartas de índices rojos, diseño muy bien estudiado, no quedaras decepcionado, la recomiendo. El servicio y entrega de TiendaMagia un 10. Gracias

By on  08 Sept. 2010 (Bicycle Ghost Deck - Ellusionist) :


me encanta la baraja, es bonita y de muy facil manejo, parece que va sola

By on  19 July 2010 (Bicycle Ghost Deck - Ellusionist) :


La baraja es impresionante. Me he comprado 2 y me siento muy bien por no haber perdido mi tiempo comprando solo 1. La recomiendo al 100%