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Bicycle Guardians - Playing Cards – Theory11
  • Bicycle Guardians - Playing Cards – Theory11
  • Bicycle Guardians - Playing Cards – Theory11

Bicycle Guardians - Playing Cards – Theory11

Don't worry. They protect themselves.

Tax included Available and ready to ship.

Don't worry. They protect themselves.

It has arrived. A deck whose design itself stems from the foundation of Bicycle's classic Rider Back design, only rejuvenated in a more refined, intricate, industrial, modern aesthetic. This is what the classic Bicycle Angels look like. On steroids. Never before has a deck of this quality and level of intricacy been produced. Never before has this much attention to detail been manifested through a pack of playing cards.

You first got a glimpse of them in the video. Now, they're in your hands. Produced by theory11 and manufactured by the US Playing Card Co., the Guardian deck takes elements of ancient scriptural art and combines them with a modern, industrial design. This is shown in the heavenly chariot scene printed on the front of the box, and the powerful image of a Guardian angel printed on the backs of the cards.

The Guardians piercing eyes stare down into the eyes of the fallen. His spear points as if to say, "Don't even think about getting up." From the intricate detail of the protective angels to the sleek color selection, this deck will draw additional awe to any effect, routine, and flourish. Every inch has been painstakingly worked on in both design and production to ensure the deck is truly flawless. We're perfectionists.

Printed on Bicycle's signature Air Cushion Finish, the deck allows you to perform and flourish with ease, and look frickin' awesome doing it. We know you'll dig them, because we use them on a regular basis.

Don't take our word for it. Read the reviews:

By Andreas from Estionia on 12/02/07:
This is something new... This is the revolution in card design. There is nothing better on the market today.

By Jack from Iowa on 11/17/07:
I got these yesterday and couldn't peel my eyes off of them all night!

By Jordan from New Milford, CT on 11/10/07:
These cards are like a god... I have never seen such great quality and design in card before. For god's sake, they must of spent days on just the Ace of Spades. These card fan like butter. They are just amazing.

And same with Wesley; I would be the happiest person on earth if theory11 created a matching gaff deck. How great would that be?!


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By on  25 Aug. 2014 (Bicycle Guardians - Playing Cards – Theory11) :


Un buen sustituto a tu baraja Standard, puedes agregar misterio a tu rutina gracias a su diseño, los colores son más oscuros, las figuras plateadas, los corazones y diamantes más granates, y además se manejan genial, los abanicos salen solos. Definitivamente una baraja que recomiendo.

By on  12 Oct. 2013 (Bicycle Guardians - Playing Cards – Theory11) :


el dorso es muy bonito, solo se diferencian que por la cara, las cartas rojas son mas oscuras que las standard

By on  26 Dec. 2011 (Bicycle Guardians - Playing Cards – Theory11) :


Tienen buena calidad, pero es verdad que se parecen mucho a todas las otras barajas y que no tienen mucho de diferente ni de especial.
Ahun así estan chulas.
En la explicacion se han dejado que baraja está dibujada con dorsos en un solo sentido, y creo que es importante!