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Infinity V2 (Invisible Elastic Thread 200 feet)
  • Infinity V2 (Invisible Elastic Thread 200 feet)

Infinity V2 (Invisible Elastic Thread 200 feet)

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"The Infinity floating bill is amazing, deceptive, and practical. The new hook-up is clean, direct, and natural." - Johnny Ace Palmer

Levitation is about to enter a new era. This best seller returns with a new floating bill effect on the leading edge of magic. It includes the long-awaited premium Infinity™ IET. Infinity teaches an innovative hook-up that will leave you stunned through its practicality and simplicity. Set-up requires less then a minute and you're ready to plunge into Infinity.


You get...

• 200 feet of professional IET (over 60 meters).

• 100% black matte finish; no stripping required.

• Custom dispenser makes IET ready to go.

• New, versatile hook-up allows for endless possibilities.

• Can be performed in short sleeves, without any jewelry, providing greater mobility; no wax needed!

• Excellent for those PK touches.

• Instantly repeatable!

• Includes instructions, plus, a downloadable video with live performances and explanations.

"Wow!!! Great product! I can't wait to get my hands on the Infinity V2. This is an incredible new levitation system. Not only do you get to learn a brand new hook-up but you get one of the best IET on the market." - John George

"I love making loops with this. Now with 200 feet, I can do much more. Go Infinity!" - Nathan Gibson

"The new method is very clever, versatile, and easy to master. I highly recommend it." - Shoot Ogawa

Infinity V2 allows you to take control of gravity itself. It's been talked about in the forums, speculated in private, and sought after by many. Now, it's here. Ask yourself, what's keeping you from infinite impossibilities?


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By on  17 Nov. 2014 (Infinity V2 (Invisible Elastic Thread 200 feet)) :


Saludos no se si comprarlo...
me gustaria saber si sin estirarse es suficientemente invisible para magia de salon (no de escenario).