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Joe Rindfleisch's Executive Rubber Bands (Hondo - White Pack) by Joe Rindfleisch

The Hondo White Pack

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The Hondo White Pack is the perfect choice for any corporate or black tie affair.

Every one of these white bands are coated with Elastraflex which makes the bands stronger and less likely to break during performance. Bands are able to stretch further than normal bands and continue to stay shiny. These bands are smooth to the touch and don't feel like rubber as they slide smoothly against each other. Simply put... if you want to add class to your rubber band magic, you need these bands!

Elastraflex Coated, Non Latex Bands Size 19, ¼ LB


Benefits Include:

1. Bands stretch longer than traditional bands.

2. Significantly less chance of bands breaking during performance.

3. Bands will show wear slowly so they can be replaced before breaking.

4. Bands remain shiny.


Here's what top pros are saying:

"I love these rubber bands! They stretch better than anything I've ever used, and the colors are so vibrant. Finally, rubber band magic can be sexy!" - Dan Harlan

"Rubber band magic has been waiting for these bands!" - Daniel Garcia

"I won't use any others bands except Joe's Rainbow Bands." - Dan Hauss






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