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Wonder ATR
  • Wonder ATR

Wonder ATR


Tax included Available and ready to ship.

Wonder ATR changes everything, enabling you to demonstrate your psychic effects anytime, anywhere!

You can perform amazing levitation effects or demonstrate your awesome psychic power with telekinetic effects. However, most of the Automatic Thread Reels in the market today are likely to get tangled if you pull out more than 2 meters, leaving you to have to re-adjust it every time you have a problem. Also, it goes without saying that their power is not enough to hold a quarter dollar coin.

Wonder ATR will take your performance to the next level!

Features include:

Extraordinary durable thread that seldom breaks even when holding a quarter dollar coin.

With its well thought-out structure, the thread is rarely tangled.

Thread is approximately 5 meters

Smallest automatic thread reel on the market.

Allows you to show your hands empty!

Very silent.

Able to demonstrate your telekinetic power with regular clothing (including short sleeves)

Includes a troubleshooting maintenance kit with access to a download for explanation

Includes batteries

Less than a half the price of other Automatic Thread Reels!

Wonder ATR is not like any other reels.

Keep a Wonder ATR in your pocket ready to perform your PK effect anytime!


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