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Cabinet Illusion - Maxi
  • Cabinet Illusion - Maxi
  • Cabinet Illusion - Maxi

Cabinet Illusion - Maxi

Show a nice metal box. Spectators

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Show a nice metal box. Spectators can clearly see that it is completely empty. It is absolutely impossible that it may contain any object. But, suddenly, a big red ball appears. The production is instantaneous, it looks as if the ball materialized, "exploding" from out of the blue. What makes this effect completely VISUAL, is that the ball takes up the WHOLE SPACE inside the box.

• Comes supplied with box, lid and the super soft sponge ball.
• As you can see from our video, you can also produce silks, spring flowers, etc.
• The box is about cm 10,5 on all sides (in. 4). The ball has a diameter of cm 10 and can be used right after its production for other effects.


cabinet illusion

cabinet ilusion

cabinet ilusion

Dificultad: Principiante


Incluye instrucciones en castellano.


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