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The Salt Trick (Dr. Daley) – Vernet
  • The Salt Trick (Dr. Daley) – Vernet

The Salt Trick (Dr. Daley) – Vernet

The famous salt pour

Tax included Available and ready to ship.

The famous salt pour effect has never been easier!

This special gimmick makes the steal easier to do and very hard to detect.


The magician takes a salt shaker from the table and removes its lid. Immediately he begins to pour salt from it into his left fist. After some magical passes, the left hand is shown empty.

After a brief pause, the magician takes the salt shaker with his left hand and with his right index finger points at some place in the air. He now “catches” something from that imaginary point and surprisingly a thin stream of salt begins to fall down from his fist. When all this has finished the magician shows his hands empty.

Comes complete with special gimmick and detailed instructions.



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