Card Magic and Trick Decks Black Ink by Asmadi video DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1
    • Card Magic and Trick Decks Black Ink by Asmadi video DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    Black Ink by Asmadi video DOWNLOAD

    Looking for an easy way to amaze your audience? Look no further than this ordinary ink that turns magical when it touches certain surfaces. Watch as spectators are left in disbelief as the ink penetrates plastic surfaces and boxes without causing any damage. It's a simple yet mind-blowing trick that anyone can do with just a common household tool.

    Create your own miracles with this special ink today! Buy now and get ready to leave your audience speechless with this impressive and easy-to-use magic effect. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a touch of wonder to your performances. Get yours now and start wowing your friends and family with your newfound magical abilities!

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    Black Ink by Asmadi video DOWNLOAD

    This ink is just ordinary ink, but when it comes into contact with Magic it will cause an effect that can make the spectators surprised and don't believe it. The ink written on the plastic surface can penetrate the surface of the box. The spectator can check and feel plastic surfaces and boxes. because, the method used in this effect does not damage the plastic and box.

    To create this effect use a tool that is easy to find at home and easy to do.

    Buy now and create miracles !

    Idioma: Inglés


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