Flicker by Michael Paul video DOWNLOAD
    • Flicker by Michael Paul video DOWNLOAD

    Flicker by Michael Paul video DOWNLOAD

    Introducing Flicker, a groundbreaking magic trick by Michael Paul that will leave you amazed. This innovative concept involves a red backed playing card flickering from red to blue and back again, all without any moves or misdirection. The instant download includes a video tutorial with six different routines to perform, such as a street magic masterpiece and a color changing deck. People all over the internet are raving about Flicker, so don't miss out on learning this incredible trick now!

    With glowing reviews from magicians like Justin Miller and Sean Fields, Flicker is described as looking and feeling like real magic. The illusion of a no move color change is truly unbelievable.

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    Flicker by Michael Paul video DOWNLOAD

    New from the mind of Michael Paul comes Flicker! This is a magic first. A new concept, a new card magic plot.

    With no moves, or misdirection, an ungimmicked, red backed playing card flickers wildly from red to blue, and then back to red! Included in the instant download is a video that will explain the Flicker concept, and give you six routines to perform using Flicker, including a street magic masterpiece, a color changing deck, and a stunning three color change from red to blue, back to red, and finally to white! This has been reviewed all over the internet, and people are raving. Don't be left behind. Learn Flicker now.

    "I love it! Flicker LOOKS and FEELS like real magic. A no move color change...sign me up!" - Justin Miller

    "Dude, seriously? That looks RIDICULOUS! I mean that in a good way. Truly an unbelievable illusion" - Sean Fields

    Running Time Approximately: 42mins

    Idioma: Inglés