Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD
    • Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD
    • Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD
    • Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD
    • Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD
    • Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD
    • Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD

    Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD

    "A beautiful routine, and a goldmine of subtleties, from a young rising genius!!

    !!" - Gaetan Bloom"Bernardo fooled me! His version of Triple Intuition will foo

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    "A beautiful routine, and a goldmine of subtleties, from a young rising genius!!!!"
    - Gaetan Bloom

    "Bernardo fooled me! His version of Triple Intuition will fool you too. Brilliant!"
    - Paul Gertner

    "Bernardo's version of this impossible effect uses no gimmicks and his teaching is filled with incredible principles you can apply to all your magic."
    - Dan Harlan

    Bernardo has been fooling layman and magicians alike with his mind-blowing impromptu routine, Good Intuition. Inspired by Dani DaOrtiz's Triple Intuition but executed with a regular, borrowed, and shuffled deck. Bernardo creates three unbelievable powerful moments of magic. He'll start by teaching you the overall workings of the routine. Once you understand the flow of the method, he'll dive deep into the layers of delicacies and psychology that transform this sleight-less piece of magic into a real, impactful miracle. Best of all, every one of the countless tips, subtleties, and psychology Bernardo passionately explains, can be applied to ALL your magic!

    • Hands off
    • Borrowed and Shuffled Deck
    • Impossible to backtrack
    • Principles can be added to other card effects
    • Filled with subtleties to improve your magic in general
    • The best way to get handshakes
    With Dani DaOrtiz's permission

    Here's what other people say about it:

    "Bernardo Sedlacek's version of the Triple Intuition is going into my repertoire. He has created a ungaffed version. Dani's trick and the setup is so easy to get into it is almost impromptu."
    - Allan Ackerman

    "Besides teaching an amazing and impossible reputation maker. Bernardo presents a brilliant tutorial full of insightful thinking that makes his playful style so special and allows him to fool me at will."
    - Meir Yedid

    "Bernardo's magic is full of cleverness and subtleties, and always fooled me."
    - Bill Cheung

    "A trick and a magician that has been born in Dani DaOrtiz arms... But who already has an established personality and with A LOT of powerful magic! Do not miss out on this immense magician and his magic"
    - Miguel Angel Gea

    "I don't like Bernardo because I always get fooled. By the way, your version of triple intuition should have been published years I wouldn't be panic when my friend handed me his deck and ask me to show his friend that trick again..."
    - Horrett Wu

    "'Good Intuition'? Go for it, you won't be disappointed! Bernardo is THE guy to follow."
    - Alexandra Duvivier

    "Bernardo has created a wonderful version of Triple Intuition. I love the original routine by Dani Da Ortiz. This new routine is impromptu which appeals to me because I love working with a borrowed deck. Also, Bernardo's interpretation is equally as strong as the original because it uses the same structure and design to play with the psychology of the audience. This is important because what the audience remembers is more important than what actually happens. I congratulate Bernardo for his excellent quality of thinking in designing this routine. This is going into my repertoire. Highly recommended."
    - Michael Vincent

    "A miracle you can do anytime anywhere, this outstanding version of Dani DaOrtiz's modern classic by Bernando Sedlacek can be performed with a shuffled regular deck of cards. If you put the work to learn all the techniques and the phycological subtleties taught brilliantly by Bernardo it will pay off with a lifetime of magical moments. Guaranteed!"
    - Pipo Villanueva

    "A great homage to a great master!"
    - Giancarlo Scalia

    "Not long ago DaOrtiz released the greatest card effect of its year. Now Bernardo has brought it to another level with dazzling practicality. Neither you or your audience can go wrong with some, 'Good Intuition!'".
    - Paul Vigil

    "Not only this triple ACAAN done with a regular shuffled deck is outrageously clever, but Bernardo gives you some fantastic tips on presentation too. This is simply great magic that you don't want to miss - I know I'll use it in my working repertoire"
    - Jean-Jacques Sanvert

    "Bernardo it's excellent superb I did not know the original but this version with a normal game exceeds everything, I would say that it is THE TRICK that must be in his repertoire, it is very brilliant"
    - Jean-Pierre Vallarino*

    "Powerful and devastating, you can't miss with this version. But when you buy it, you are acquiring something much deeper. Bernardo Sedlacek's true gift is his hidden wisdom behind his thinking and profound attention to details. If you listen carefully and learn, you are in for a treat. The true value is not only in the secret of the trick (which is great), but in the concepts and insights. Beautiful magic! Exquisite thinking!"
    - JC Rodarte.

    "A routine Is never close, Bernardo prove it wonderfully through this ingenious piece"
    - Bernard Bilis

    "Passion, love, and dedication!!! Those are the three words that come into my mind when I think of Bernardo's work, and with those three words alone, a person can conquer the world!!! And he is doing it :)"
    - Nicolás Pierri

    "Bernardo's version of triple intuition is much more than being impromptu. His thinking and way of structuring is far beyond a magician of his age. Every small detail, every phrase, every subtlety is a masterclass in deception. Please make yourself a favor and buy this effect, it's not a trick, is a tool that you can and will use all the time! Well done Bernardo strong effect with a strong structure with a nice presentation. What more do you want!"
    - Manuel Llaser

    "I really don't like card tricks. Most plots feel contrived to me. There are usually steps that do not make sense if you were really magic. Not with Bernardo. His routines are always well thought out to feel like the magic is happening organically. Triple Intuition is no exception. It truly plays as if these miracles were really happening. Triple intuition is not complicated from a sleight of hand perspective, even I can do it! The real secrets are in the psychology Bernardo shares and you can apply them to other effects in your repertoire."
    - Vinny Grosso

    "Bernardo Sedlacek's 'Good Intuition' is a real stunner. A true Gem. It should be on everyone's want list. I highly recommend purchasing it."
    - Tom Gagnon

    "It's difficult to make a version of a trick that is now considered a classic, but Bernardo has done it masterfully, practically just as strong but with a regular deck! Excellent effect, extraordinary explanation!"
    - Luis Otero

    "I already do Dani's version, and I love it. Now it is possible to do the same trick impromptu or even with a borrowed deck. Amazing!"
    - Johan Stahl

    "Bernardo Sedlacek's version of 'Triple Intuition' is practically the real thing, and best of all it uses an ordinary deck of cards. This is an example of card conjuring at its finest."
    - Jared Kopf

    "A reality filled with multiple emotions, make this card trick and small miracle!"
    - Ernesto Melero

    "I think Bernardo is brilliant, and once again he has managed to find a fantastic way to perform one of my all-time favorite effects, Dani DaOrtiz's Triple Intuition, ONLY COMPLETELY UNGAFFED!!!?!?!! What-a-$££%$n?!?!?!!!! INCREDIBLE... So cool..."
    - Christian Engbloom

    "Good Intuition is a masterpiece in what can be done with an ordinary pack of cards. Bernardo leaves no detail left unexplained in this fantastic piece of card magic"
    - Patrick Redford

    "An impressive and impactful art piece! Thank you for the gift!"
    - Fabrini (Vik & Fabrini)

    "I love the simplicity of Bernardo methods that achieve complex and strong effects and allows you to concentrate on the magic moments. A unique approach to card magic."
    - Pierric

    "After seeing this, I'm embarrassed to presume I do miracles"
    - Mario Lopez

    "You have a lot of energy and this effect is so strong that I'm getting one for 'my student.' Great effect!"
    - Rocco Silano

    "The only word I have to say is <> This trick is very easy and so much strong to kill your audience. I loved it and AI use it now. Thank Bernardo!"
    - Olmac

    "Dani's Triple Intuition done with any deck? WTF??!!"
    - Javi Benitez

    "How is it possible to do this impromptu? How wit and subtleties can surpass the apparent simplicity of means? Bravo!!!"
    - Kiko Pastur

    "WTF! It's Wonderful, Terrific and Fantastic! Bernardo's Good Intuition becomes one of my favorite magic tricks."
    - Anson Lee

    "Bernardo Sedlacek's version of Triple Intuition with a regular deck is the perfect example of his work: strong effect, clever thinking, lots of psychological subtleties and fun to watch!"
    - Boris Wild

    "I really enjoy the cleverness behind this routine. It is impactful and all the magic happens in the spectator's hands."
    - Andost

    "A very clever and resourceful act. One of the best counting cards effect that I know. Very rich explanation and filled with extra details."
    - David Sousa

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