Card Magic and Trick Decks John Carney's Carneycopia by Stephen Minch - eBook DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1
    • Card Magic and Trick Decks John Carney's Carneycopia by Stephen Minch - eBook DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    John Carney's Carneycopia by Stephen Minch - eBook DOWNLOAD

    Carneycopia, written by Stephen Minch, is a highly acclaimed magic book that reveals the secrets of magician John Carney. Packed with 296 pages, the book includes 43 items such as tricks, sleights, and routines with cards, coins, bills, and more. Each routine is taught in detail, showcasing Carney's close-up magic skills that have earned him praise from both peers and audiences.

    The book features a variety of classic and innovative magic effects, with illustrations by Kelly Lyles. From Predictable Surprise to The Thirteenth Victim, Carneycopia offers a compendium of magic that is sure to amaze and entertain any audience.

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    John Carney's Carneycopia by Stephen Minch - eBook DOWNLOAD

    Beautifully written by Stephen Minch, this book has been acclaimed by critics as one of the best magic books of all time. Within these pages are taught the prized secrets of one of today's finest and most creative magical entertainers, John Carney.

    Here is the close-up magic of which he is proudest; magic that has won its creator the acclaim of his peers and the public alike. Each routine, trick and sleight is taught in painstaking detail. Here, waiting to amaze your audiences, is a compendium of close-up magic, formulated on the classic values of entertainment and baffling mystery.

    Within the 296 packed pages of Carneycopia are offered 43 items - 29 tricks, sleights and routines with cards, including two complete acts, and 14 exceptional effects with coins, bills, glasses, matches, bottles, pens and sponge balls. 296 pages, 272 pen and ink illustrations by Kelly Lyles.


    Introductory Encomia:
    Michael Skinner.
    Mike Caveney.
    Stephen Minch.

    Secret Philosophy: John Carney

    Current Classic
    Predictable Surprise
    Final Trace
    Soft Glass
    Chill Pack
    Poor Man's Card Manipulation
    Ethereal Pack
    Streamlined Cylinder and Coins
    S ide-pocket Transpo
    Half Dollars in the Mist
    Versa Switch
    Kings and Aces Change Places
    Fruit Cup
    Natural Selection
    Australian Aces
    Bull Session
    Suicide Match
    Seconds on Jack Sandwich
    The Logical Bill Trick
    The Slide to Home Prediction
    The Yenrac Packet Switch
    To the Sticking Point
    Triumph Rip-off
    Bullet Train
    Quarter Spin
    Slick Pip
    A Polite Penetration
    Slow Fade to Red
    Hot Slot
    Oil on Troubled Waters
    Calligraphic Cash
    Rubber Detective
    Everywhere. Nowhere and on Your Face
    The Thirteenth Victim

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