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    • Card Magic and Trick Decks The Card Magic of Edward Marlo eBook DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    The Card Magic of Edward Marlo eBook DOWNLOAD

    This book is a valuable collection of Marlo's lecture notes from the 80s, originally distributed at his lectures in St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Niagara Falls. It includes advanced sleights and impressive routines for magicians of all levels. Beginners can learn tricks like I Knew That and Houdini & Bess, while experienced magicians will appreciate the intricate techniques and routines included.

    Whether you're a collector, hobbyist, or working magician, this book offers a wealth of secrets from a magic legend. With 240 pages of illustrated content, it covers a wide range of card magic techniques and tricks. Jon Racherbaumer praises the book for perpetuating Marlo's work and inspiring creativity in others.

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    The Card Magic of Edward Marlo eBook DOWNLOAD

    This book is an advantageous, helpful collection of Marlo's last three lecture notes. They were originally distributed at his St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Niagara Falls lectures in the 80's to those fortunate enough to be there. There were only a limited number printed and they immediately became "collector's items."

    This three-book combination is a robust, impressive work that takes you, step-by-step, into a world rarely opened to the average magician. If you appreciate advanced, fully-finessed sleights, you'll love the Anchored Add On; Filmed Chicago Switch; Marlo's Spring Double Pass; The Arbil Change and the Revised Marnese Bottom Deal. If you like rock 'em - sock 'em routines, you'll love The Sick Cannibals; The Money Sandwich; Female; I Knew That and Olram's Updated Collins. If you're a novice, don't be afraid of Marlo. Beginners can learn and immediately perform tricks like I Knew That and Houdini & Bess. You'll also be inspired to practice and improve in order to reach the next level of proficiency. When you reach it, you'll have the right book on your shelf to consult and enjoy for years to come.

    If you're a collector, hobbyist, browser, or working magician, you'll love learning the trick Paul Gertner uses in trade-shows - the same one that delighted Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. You'll also be tempted to perform the only version of the Psychological Stop trick that's sure fire. You'll want to learn a version of Brother Hamman's Signed Card that fools magicians. You'll be eager to perform an impromptu classic that would have thrilled Hofzinser. Act now. This is a book for everyone who values superior card magic and impassioned thinking. These are some of the classified secrets of a legend in magic.

    Jon Racherbaumer says, "Marlo would have liked this book. It perpetuates the Work. It scatters new seeds and might inspire other creative geniuses."

    Illustrated, 240 pages.


    Extended Finger Passes
    Easy Pass
    Tabled Passes
    The Clip Pass
    Marlo's Spring Dribble Pass
    Pivot Switchout
    Simplex Card Switch
    Multiple K.M. Move
    Cincinnati Control
    Breaking the Rule
    The Eidetic Slide
    Spread Pass Addition
    Marlo's Extra Card Take
    New Ace Vanishes
    Olram's Updated Collins
    Anchored Add On
    Copless Unbelievable Aces
    Flexible Miracle Spread
    Easy Multiple Convincing Control
    Stud Turn Palm
    Dallas to Chicago
    Fingertip Side Steals
    Revised Marnese Bottom Deal
    Filmed Chicago Switch
    Nailed Applications
    Bomb Door Aces
    Multiple Mexican Turnovers
    Cull Control Card
    Two Shuffle Cull
    The Arbil Change
    Olram's Clarified Routine
    The Shifting Card
    The Turnover Card
    Simple Order Triumph
    Challenge Oil & Water
    The Sick Cannibals
    Smorgasbord Cannibals
    The Money Sandwich
    The Card in Case
    Not all Psychological
    Another Spectator Cuts the Aces
    Spectator Cuts Aces to the Face
    53 Cards Won't Do
    Are We Kidding Ourselves
    Not So Obvious
    Streamlined Jazz Aces
    Visual Transposition
    Houdini & Bess
    Reversed Aces
    Nullifying the Possibilities
    4 X Cards to 4 Aces
    A Mental Combination
    Invisible Thought Transfer
    Impromptu Invisible Card Routine
    Impromptu Everywhere and Nowhere
    Sophisticated Ambitious Bit
    Projected Transposition
    Don't Split the Keys
    Mirror Image
    Streamlined Mental Disclosure
    Satirical Signed Card
    Any Deck Universal
    Transposed Ace Assembly
    I Knew That
    Math Applied
    Marlo's Mindreader
    The Missing Mental Toppers

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