The Celtic Cabal by Peter Duffie eBook DOWNLOAD
    • The Celtic Cabal by Peter Duffie eBook DOWNLOAD

    The Celtic Cabal by Peter Duffie eBook DOWNLOAD

    An incredible collection of magic and mentalism from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales featuring 35 contributors and 45 routines, including two essays. The book, "The Celtic Cabal," has received high praise from magician Harvey Rosenthal for its outstanding card magic and mentalism. The contents include a variety of mentalism, card magic, close-up magic, and stage magic routines, as well as a bonus manuscript by Tom Sellers. The book is 181 pages long, fully illustrated with color photographs, and in PDF format.

    The book features contributions from well-known magicians such as Roy Walton, R. Paul Wilson, and David Lees, covering a wide range of topics from confabulation to card tricks to stage illusions.

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    The Celtic Cabal by Peter Duffie eBook DOWNLOAD

    An Incredible Collection of Magic & Mentalism from Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

    35 contributors - 45 routines, including two essays.

    "I read and tried out all the card and close-up material in your latest book, The Celtic Cabal. The card magic in particular was absolutely outstanding. A number of the mental and close-up items also really appealed to me. To my mind The Celtic Cabal is definitely the finest magic book to come out this year. At the price, it is also a real bargain." -Harvey Rosenthal


    • Q.R. Confabulating Confabulation.
    • Max Gordon: The Creative Side / The Last Straw.
    • David Lees: Mentalism (essay) / Tarot Magick.
    • Jim Cuthbert: Where will we Go on Holiday?
    • Paul Lesso: The Jungle Book Test / Quadtratus Magic Square.
    • Pete Lamont: Shape Up and Shape Down.
    • Peter Duffie: Brainwoven / Triple Humdinger.
    • Peter Arcane: The Birthday Book.
    • Roy Walton: Magic Spell finds Great Hands.
    • Dave Forrest: Press Gang / Christ Almighty!
    • Eddie McColl: Bold Two Cards to Pocket Transpo.
    • Euan Bingham: Less is More.
    • Gary Middleton: Lying Leech / Mother's Pride.
    • Scotty Johnston: Thanks to Braue.
    • George McBride: Not for the Faint Hearted.
    • Harry Guinness: T^3.
    • Jackie McClements: C.S.I.
    • James Went: Selected Daley.
    • Patrick McCullagh: Estimation.
    • Peter McLanachan: The Traveller Vanishes / Selected Vanish.
    • Alan Rorrison: Thrice.
    • Steve Thompson: It's Out of My Hands: Out of This World.
    • David Walsh: World Snap Champion / Erdnase Concurrent Three Card Cull/stock...
    • Pat Fallon: Out of Sight Location.
    • R. Paul Wilson: Royal Road Trip.
    • James Piper: Vanishing Matrix.
    • Dominic Lavin: How Did Harry Houdini Walk Through a Wall?
    • Geraint Clarke: Creativity (essay) / Mis-Fortune.
    • Trevor Lewis: Flight of Hand.
    • Steve Hamilton: Spot On.
    • Pat Fallon: That's Entertainment.
    • Nevin Cody: Sláinte.
    • Val Le-Val: Bamboozled.
    • Viv Davies: Tube Production / It Works for Me.
    BONUS: Tom Sellers Royal Flush Manuscript.

    Pages: 181 - 8.25" x 11.7" - Hyperlinked. Fully Illustrated with color photographs. - PDF FORMAT

    Idioma: Inglés

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