Top Change by Mark Wong & inside Magic Productions - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Top Change by Mark Wong & inside Magic Productions - Video DOWNLOAD

    Top Change by Mark Wong & inside Magic Productions - Video DOWNLOAD

    Learn the Top Change, a fundamental card magic technique that can elevate your magic skills to new heights. Mark Wong shares refined techniques to help you perform effortlessly with cards in any condition. With this skill, you can amaze your audience with classic magic tricks like the Impossible Prediction, Transposition, Ash, Jokes on You, and In Your Hands.

    Master the Top Change and add a touch of professionalism to your magic routines. Use it as an alternative to the double lift in the Ambitious Card routine for a cleaner handling. With practice and dedication, you can make your magic truly unforgettable. So, grab your deck of cards and start mastering the Top Change today!

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    Top Change by Mark Wong & inside Magic Productions - Video DOWNLOAD

    Discover and perform one of the most basic building blocks of card magic, the Top Change. Master this technique and you can perform some of the most classic magic tricks of all time. This can be your secret weapon to bring your magic to the next level.

    Mark Wong shares some refined techniques that allow you to perform and look natural with cards in absolutely any condition.

    Impossible prediction
    Spectator shuffles the deck, and the magician removes a prediction card, setting it face down on the table. Spectator then has a free choice to select any card he wants. The impossible happens! It matches the predicted card!

    Two spectators select two different cards and hold it in their hands. Miraculously, the cards in their hands switch places without the magician ever going near to their hands!

    Selected card is signed, torn up and burnt. Magician grabs some of the smoke just before it stops burning, and tosses it back into the deck. Then, the selected SIGNED card is found in the middle, fully restored and unharmed.

    Jokes on you
    Spectator selects and signs a card, after which it is placed it into their pocket. Magician challenges them that he can steal their card and replace it with a joker. Amazingly, the selected card is back into the deck and swapsplaces with a joker.

    In your hands
    Spectator selects and signs a card. After losing it into the deck, magician places a stranger card into the spectator's hands. Finally, the stranger card morphs into the selected card.

    Ambitious card
    The Top Change is used in this trick as an alternative to the double lift and it gives a cleaner handling to the ambitious card routine.

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