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Pocket Collector - Jordan Victoria
  • Pocket Collector - Jordan Victoria

Pocket Collector - Jordan Victoria

Three signed cards are placed
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Three signed cards are placed between the four aces, and one at a time, they slowly vanish only to re-appear in your pockets! Pocket Collector is a packet miracle, it's very easy and extremely visual. It's important to note that the signed cards can be clearly shown right before they disappear.




The routine:

1- a spectator signs three random cards 2- the three cards are put between the four aces (or the four tens, jacks, queens or kings) 3- one at a time, each signed card disappears! 4- reach into your pockets to show that the 3 cards have magically jumped inside! Some important facts about Pocket Collector -Visual magic at it's best, a real fooler! -The spectator can keep the signed selectors as souvenirs -Practically self working, the supplied cards do all the work


Dificultad: Principiante

Instrucciones online en inglés y Francés.

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