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Bicycle - Haunted deck
  • Bicycle - Haunted deck
  • Bicycle - Haunted deck
  • Bicycle - Haunted deck

Bicycle - Haunted deck

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Have a spectator choose three cards, put them back in the deck and place them on the palm of your hand. Concentrate, and after a minute you will find the three cards in an unusual way.

Indeed, a mysterious force will move the deck in three different directions and three cards will come out of it. Of course they will be the three chosen cards!

The poker size cards are original Bicycle cards.

Note: The video only shows the effect possible with the "Haunted deck". The item you will receive is shown in the photo.

By on  04 May 2013 (Bicycle - Haunted deck) :


Calidad y precio muy buena, son cartas bycicle, lo que si hay que tener en cuenta la luz, aunque si la gente esta inmersa en el truco no se dan cuenta absolutamente de nada... yolo he hecho a plena luz y no se ha notado nada.

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