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New Diminishing Returns - Mike Powers
  • New Diminishing Returns - Mike Powers
  • New Diminishing Returns - Mike Powers

New Diminishing Returns - Mike Powers

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Mike Powers' Diminishing Returns is one of the most amazing (and best-selling) close-up tricks ever released, and now it's back and better than ever!

New and improved design, Now in Bicycle Back!


You display the fronts and backs of a deck of cards to the audience. A spectator simply names any card they like, you remove the named card and set it aside face-up. You now spread the deck on the table and somehow the entire deck visibly shrinks to half of its original size! The selected card is the biggest one in the deck. Just when the audience catches their breath, the entire deck grows back to its normal size, and now the selected card has shrunk! To finish, the selected card visibly grows back to normal size!

Comes complete with very special deck, printed on Bicycle stock and detailed, 16-page, fully illustrated booklet.

The New Diminishing Returns also now includes a free bonus effect-The Defective Deck! Use magic to fix a variety of "defective" cards in your deck!

By on  28 Feb. 2008 (New Diminishing Returns - Mike Powers) :


Me ha encantado la baraja lo hace casi todo, contiene rutinas muy buenas.

By on  20 Jan. 2008 (New Diminishing Returns - Mike Powers) :


Es muy bueno,hace falta practicar un poco pero merece la pena, la gente no se puede creer lo que ve.

By on  10 May 2007 (New Diminishing Returns - Mike Powers) :


Alfonso, usa tu imaginacion, por ejemplo, dices que el as de picas es un echicero, y k cualquier carta que tu elijas, la modificara \"geneticamente\"

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