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  • Card-Toon

Card-Toon by Dan Harlan

This is quite possibly the most charming card trick ever invented!

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This is quite possibly the most charming card trick ever invented!

A spectator names any card (no force). You then reveal that the entire deck has little stick-figure magicians drawn on it. Then, to the general delight of all onlookers, the end of the deck is flicked, the cards rush by one at a time, and the drawings become an animated cartoon!

The stick-figure magician pulls a card from his top hat and turns it over to reveal that it is the same card that the spectator named!

This can be repeated immediately with any card as many times as you like. It's one of those rare tricks that's even more amazing the second time you see it, yet there are no difficult sleights required. This one is destined to become a classic!


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By on  17 Feb. 2007 (Card-Toon by Dan Harlan) :


Wow, este efecto es maravilloso, no se necesita apenas tecnica, y causa mucha, repito MUCHA espectación.

Es un gran efecto, y lo bueno, es que se puede hacer con toda la baraja!, no importará que carta te eligan.

Recomiendo ver videos a magos haciendo este juego, para entender bien como hacerlo, y hacerlo perfectamente, no es nada complicado, pero eso si, tener mucho cuidado, no vayamos a que te cogan la baraja, y se estropee toda la magia!

By on  24 Jan. 2007 (Card-Toon by Dan Harlan) :


Me encanta este juego. Yo lo hago junto con la baraja svengali y la gente se queda alucinada.

By on  25 July 2006 (Card-Toon by Dan Harlan) :


Quien no ha juado a hacer animacion en el cuarderno de clase?Es un efecto muy divertido que con un poquito de maña se podria repetir tres veces o cuatro.