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Card Tricks Cooler by Christian Engblom TiendaMagia - 3
  • Card Tricks Cooler by Christian Engblom TiendaMagia - 1
  • Card Tricks Cooler by Christian Engblom TiendaMagia - 2
  • Card Tricks Cooler by Christian Engblom TiendaMagia - 3
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Cooler by Christian Engblom

Best. Deck Switch. Ever.

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Best. Deck Switch. Ever.

"The Cooler" will change the way you do card magic.

Christian Engblom's "The Cooler" is about to change the way you do card magic. The testimonials speak for themselves: David Blaine, Paul Wilson, Rene Levand, Dani DaOrtiz, and on and on and on. They use it, love it, and swear by it.

The perfect deck switcher is the holy grail for card workers. It allows you to get into and out of memorized deck, gaffed work, stack work, or to change the back design. It is the "missing link" between otherwise incompatible card routines.

But deck switches are normally difficult. Many involve lapping or being seated. Others require a jacket with secret pockets sewn in. Some even involve bizarre contraptions that come from your sleeve. Because of this, most magicians just opt not to switch decks. A pity, really.

The Cooler fixes this. It happens in plain sight, it is totally self-contained in the card box, and can be done standing, without a jacket or sleeves. You can customize this durable, precision-made plastic gimmick to any box of cards, and you can execute the switch in the hands or on the table. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

"The most beautiful deck switch I have ever seen."
- David Blaine

"Where can I get one?"
- Rene Lavand

"If this damn thing were any Cooler, it would be frozen!"
- Max Maven

"The best deck switch I have NEVER seen!"
- Wayne Dobson

This is not a trick or a fleeting trend. "The Cooler" is a tool, and we believe it will become an industry standard for years to come. A dozen top card men have been privy to prototypes of Christian's remarkable invention for the last five years. Finally, they are available for wide release.
The gimmick works with any Poker-sized deck (add your own box design/color to it)
Complete with Online instruction by Christian Engblom and Dani DaOrtiz
Takes practice, but not incredibly difficult to do

Dificultad: Intermedia
Completo con instrucciones onine de Christian Engblom y Dani DaOrtiz en inglés.

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