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    ESP Cards (Extra Sensory Preception)
    • ESP Cards (Extra Sensory Preception)

    ESP Cards (Extra Sensory Preception)


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    ESP cards were developed and introduced by Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University for the purpose of testing for Extrasensory Perception. They consist of five basic symbols: Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square, and Star. It is very easy to remember these symbols by using a quick and easy numbering system. A circle is one continuous line. A cross is two lines. There are three wavy lines in the third symbol. A square has four lines. The star used has five points. This deck consists of twenty-five cards, five cards of each design. There are many effects that can be performed with this deck of cards. For example:

    ESP Surprise
    Here is a simple, yet amazing effect that is direct and to the point. You and a spectator each choose a card in the fairest possible manner. When the two cards are revealed. They match. Proving to the audience that, yes, you do have ESP.

    Royal Magic
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