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JUMP (Blue) by Jordan Victoria
  • JUMP (Blue) by Jordan Victoria

JUMP (Blue) by Jordan Victoria

Here is an original
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Here is an original way for you to finish your ambitious card routine.

With Jump you will be able to make a card jump from the top of the deck without any movement. Of course the signed card can be handed out immediately for examination!

In addition to this original effect you will also learn how to eject a number of cards named some seconds before by your spectator (with no break or crimp card and the deck can be put on the table before you eject the cards).




Some other ideas are taught like how to have a card that signs itself, and how to change a card without touching it...

With the gimmick in hand, you will find other cool applications for it in under ten minutes...

The gimmick comes inside of an envelope with extra material + an online video.


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