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    Loxley by David Forrest - DVD + Gimmick
    • Loxley by David Forrest - DVD + Gimmick

    Loxley by David Forrest - DVD + Gimmick

    Dave Forrest
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    Dave Forrest presents 'Loxley'! A killer 'predicted card at number effect' with a stunning kicker!

    You send a picture message to your participants mobile phone (or, you can just hand them an envelope with a picture inside if you prefer) - it's your prediction. You hand them a Joker and ask them to push it anywhere they like, face up into the face down deck. It's a completely free choice, they can genuinely push it in where they like.

    You explain that whatever card is above the Joker will be the focus of the experiment. But, you also don't want to know where that Joker lies in the deck so, the spectator is instructed to freely cut the cards as many times as he wishes so that no one could possibly even estimate the position of that Joker.

    Two things are certain. One - no one could know which card lies above the Joker. And two - no one could possibly know at which position in the deck that card lies.

    You spread through and locate the Joker, leaving it out-jogged. You now count cards from the top down until you reach the card directly above the Joker - it's the Jack of Clubs and it's exactly 16 cards down in the deck. The participant checks the picture message on their mobile phone - it's a photograph of a Jack of Clubs with a small post-it stuck on the face which reads '16th' in bold black letters! You mention that, in fact, you were so certain of this outcome that you didn't actually bother using the rest of the cards. The deck is turned face up and every single card is freely shown to be completely blank! It's completely unfathomable and the reactions are Through The Roof!

    * Loxley is very easy to do - no sleight of hand!

    * Loxley is completely customisable - you can change which number the card ends up at.

    * Loxley is the perfect way to hand out your contact info - just include it on the photgraph that you send to their phone.

    * Loxley is a worker - instant re-set, easy to do, impossible to deconstruct.

    * Loxley does NOT use a phone App. It's not a tech thing - you can just hand out the prediction photo in an envelope if you prefer.



    Blank deck

    Gaff cards

    Instructional DVD

    Customizable printable and 'smartphone optimised' prediction images are included on the DVD.


    ""I performed Loxley to group of magicians last night. One of them, a working mentalist, offered me £100 for the trick! This is seriously strong!"" - Jamie Ferguson, Reviewer 7/28/2014

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