M-Prediction by Mickael Chatelain
    • M-Prediction by Mickael Chatelain

    M-Prediction by Mickael Chatelain

    A jaw-dropping mentalism effect, both for its effect and its method, the cleanest and most impossible prediction available today! Take 6 cards out of a case and place one face down as a prediction. The remaining cards are turned over to show the 5 ESP symbols, shuffled and placed face down on the table. The spectator freely chooses a number from 1 to 5 and, even if he can change his mind, the final number is validated. The card is lifted from that position and it will exactly match the card of your prediction!

    Mickael has developed an exclusive method to perform the M-prediction. We offer you today a very CLEAN and IMPOSSIBLE prediction and above all INFALLIBLE. No forcing or manipulation. No suspicious manipulations, nothing to hide!

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    We are so proud to present my NEW EFFECT M-Prediction ! A mentalism effect who will blow you, both in effect and in method who is totally exclusive !

    We show this routine and his secret toMurphy’s Magic team and this is their feeling :
    « It is the most clean and impossible prediction that exists today ! The method is just evil and exclusive, we have never seen that before ! »

    Effect :
    Take an all white card case out from your pocket, and from this case, take out 6 cards.
    Place one of these 6 cards face down on the case and explain to your spectators this card is your prediction.
    Now, turn the other 5 cards, it is the 5 ESP symbols : circle, cross, waves, square and star.
    Pick up the cards and shuffle them face down in front of your spectators before laying them, always face down, in a row on the table !
    No one, and it is true, now knows the order of the 5 cards on the table !

    Sum up it nicely : 
    ✔ 1 prediction card face down on the card case.
    ✔ 5 ESP cards, perfectly shuffled face down in a row on the table !

    In the next few seconds, your spectator will choose freely on one of these 5 ESP cards.
    When you snap your fingers, your spectator will freely choose a number… The 1 - 2 - 3 - 4  or 5 ! Really free choice !
    Warning… Snap your fingers !
    Your spectator chooses 3 (for example)
    Ask him if he wants to change or keep the number 3 ! Your spectator can really change his number as many times as he wants, there is no force or influence.
    He doesn’t change, his choice is validated !

    Ask him to put his fingers on the third card on the table ! Without any gesture or manipulation, take the prediction card with your fingertips… Flip the prediction card and the spectator’s card at the same time :
    It is just IMPOSSIBLE !
    Your prediction is 100% identical to your spectator’s card… the same ESP symbols have been chosen !
    Turn over the other cards on the table to prove that the result could have been different if your spectator told you a different number… Pick up the cards and put them in the case, the mystery is impenetrable !

    My friends, I have to let you know more !
    I developed an exclusive method to perform M- PREDICTION.
    Months and months of tests and research to offer you today a most CLEAN and IMPOSSIBLE and above all INFALLIBLE prediction !
    No force and no manipulation ! No suspect handlings, nothing to hide !
    The method, to our knowledge, doesn’t exist ! We showed it to several professional magicians and none of them guessed the secret.
    Imagine, your spectator can change his mind 10 times if he wants, we insist on this point, it is crazy but it is true !
    We insist on this point : the scenario is always identical ! you can repeat the experience at another table… the scenario will always remain the same ! and the result will always be 100% correct !

    Difficulty: Beginner
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