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Rising by Mickael Chatelain Chatelain - 1
  • Rising by Mickael Chatelain Chatelain - 1
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Rising by Mickael Chatelain

A new version of the great classic, the unique and impossible rising card! The spectator's chosen card emerges from a drawing made by the magician on the back of a card! The drawing of the prediction is made on the cellophane of the card case so that the effect is even more incredible because in the end everything can be completely erased... there will be nothing to discover.

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Another best-seller from Mickael!
After Crazy-Money, Mickael serves up a great classic, The Rising Card !
You know Mickael, don't you? Then imagine this great classic in a unique and impossible version... hold on to your hats for RISING.

A card is chosen by a spectator, let's imagine the four of hearts.
Write a prediction with a marker on the back of another card!

Show your prediction. It's a card but unfortunately, it's not the right one, which your spectator will immediately point out.

Explain that the prediction does not represent the chosen card but rather a deck of cards and the chosen card is in that deck! Then ask for the name of the chosen card.

The spectator tells you "The four of hearts."

Invite your spectator to look at the prediction as you call upon the four of hearts to rise.
Believe it or not , a card rises from the pictured deck in classic "rising card" style.

You then hand the card to your spectator to keep... a unique and impossible memory!

You've already seen more than one rising card effect but wait until you see THIS version, it's incredible and here's why:

You can draw your prediction on the cellophane of the card case so the effect is even wilder because at the end you completely erase your prediction... there is nothing to see.

At each performance, your prediction will be different! This means that RISING is perfect for close-up!

Customize your prediction! Yes, with RISING, it's possible! Why not draw a hat? The spectator's card will slowly emerge from it!

Difficulty: No skill required
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