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Spontaneous Combustion by Granell
  • Spontaneous Combustion by Granell

Spontaneous Combustion by Granell

Created by the Magician Granell one of the most avant-garde and creative
Tax included Available and ready to ship.

Created by the Magician Granell one of the most avant-garde and creative magicians from around Mexico and Latin America participating in national and international events including FLASOMA And FISM

Spontaneous combustion is an innovative card game where you can find a card previously selected at random. To find it you increase the temperature of your hands to such point you can burn through the deck leaving the silhouette of your fingers literally perforated on the cards as a witness to your power.




• Spontaneous combustion creates the illusion of burning through the deck with your fingers to find the previously selected card.

• The deck is ready to use. You can repeat the effect several times without preparing the deck each time.

• The chosen card is be randomly selected and can be signed .

• In this game you do not have to worry about technique, just run it and you can enjoy the surprise and admiration of your viewers.

• The script is designed to engage the viewer throughout the whole performance and offer an even more amazing finale.

• Creator of "Animated Magic Book"; with thousands of copies sold worldwide; "Deck Classifier" presented at the FISM : Portugal 2000; "Card in your palm"; "Cutting 10"; "Water and oil with six packs".

Includes a DVD, booklet and a special card deck ready to use.


"It's brilliant. It works!" - Sean Heydon, Wizard Product Reviews 7/23/2014 Full Review

"The handling is easy as there is no force of a card and the method is aimed at all levels of performers." - Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 8/8/2014

"This is fun. Recommended." - David Oliver, Genii Magazine 8/27/2014

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