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Card Tricks Wind to the Future by Henry Evans Henry Evans - 1
  • Card Tricks Wind to the Future by Henry Evans Henry Evans - 1

Wind to the Future by Henry Evans

A pack of cards chosen by the spectator from a deck mixed by the spectator and the magician, matches perfectly in number of cards, in all their values and in the exact order to a pack that the magician introduced at the beginning of the performance and put in a transparent glass for all to see. A twist to the sixth sense.

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The effect starts with the magician placing a group of cards as a prediction on a crystal clear glass, then a different colored back deck appears on scene.

A part of this different colored back deck gets separated and shuffled by the spectator.

The magician splits this group in four packets with different amounts each, and shuffle each packet once again.

The magician invites the spectator to freely choose one to play with. The chosen group is shuffled by the spectator immediately afterwards.

The first effect happens when the amount of cards in the freely chosen packet by the spectator matches the prediction.

The second effect occurs when not only the amount matches, but also the exact value and exact order of the cards matches the prediction.

Difficulty: Beginner
Online instructions

Henry Evans

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