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WowFold by Hank Wu & HimitsuMagic
  • WowFold by Hank Wu & HimitsuMagic

WowFold by Hank Wu & HimitsuMagic

Wowfold is the brand
Tax included Available and ready to ship.

Wowfold is the brand new card to wallet effect.

Instead of card disappeared from the deck and reappeared in the wallet , Wowfold makes the signed card vanish from the bag . instantly , the bag transfer into wallet with the spectator's card inside!

The possibilities for this are only limited by your own imagination.

Wowfold is extremely deceptive and unique! It has many possible effects to do with!




Instant reset

Easy to do

Can be done in close up or stage

Last but not least, Wowfold can always get the WOW reactions!


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