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Large Index Gaffed Deck

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Gaffs for the Serious Pro Our Large Index Decks are getting more and more popular. To get your full potential out of your Large Index Decks, we put together a great assortment of gimmicked cards that leverage your possibilities. A deck that does not contain a single fancy misprinted card, but has all that a serious card worker needs: 26 Double-Faced cards, that finally make sense. The prints are paired like an Invisible Deck, so 26 cards can cover all values in a deck, with half the thickness. On top a double faced Joker. Misindexed Queens and Kings with red backs McDonald's Aces 4 Double Backer cards with Phoenix backs on one side and Bicycle backs on the other! All combinations included (red/red, blue/blue, red/blue, blue/red) 3 blank face cards with blue Phoenix backs 3 blank face cards with red Phoenix backs 4 Phoenix Double Backer red / red 4 Phoenix Double Backer blue / blue 4 Phoenix Double Backer red / blue




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