Gaming by Geni video DOWNLOAD
    • Gaming by Geni video DOWNLOAD

    Gaming by Geni video DOWNLOAD

    This text describes an impressive prediction effect using a normal deck of cards. The performer shuffles the deck and writes a prediction on a sticky note, which is placed face down for everyone to see. The spectator then rolls two dice and counts down into the deck based on the numbers rolled. They select one card and set it aside. Surprisingly, the prediction matches the card chosen. This incredible trick can be downloaded and learned today.

    This prediction effect is sure to leave your audience amazed and wondering how you did it. With just a normal deck of cards and some dice, you can create a mind-blowing illusion that will captivate your spectators. The simplicity of the trick makes it accessible for magicians of all skill levels.

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    Gaming by Geni video DOWNLOAD

    An impossible prediction effect!

    A normal deck of cards is shown and shuffled into a random order. You now write down a prediction on a sticky note and place it face down in plain view. Your spectator rolls random numbers with two normal dice and counts down into the deck according to the numbers of the dice rolls. One card is arrived at and is placed aside. The prediction matches the card selected!

    Download and learn this miracle today.

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