Magic of Michael Ammar 2 by Michael Ammar video DOWNLOAD
    • Magic of Michael Ammar 2 by Michael Ammar video DOWNLOAD

    Magic of Michael Ammar 2 by Michael Ammar video DOWNLOAD

    Upon its release, The Magic of Michael Ammar quickly became one of the best-selling magic books ever. Now available as a download, you can witness Michael Ammar, a world-champion magician, perform his legendary tricks at the peak of his career. He then shares his expertise, making him one of the best magic teachers globally. This download includes Ammar's classic tricks suitable for all skill levels and venues, providing a valuable learning tool for aspiring magicians.

    Volume 2, titled World-Class Close-Up, features a variety of tricks such as Beanie Weenie, Coin in Pen Cap, and Card on Ceiling. With a runtime of approximately 1 hour and 41 minutes, this download showcases Ammar's exceptional skills and techniques.

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    Magic of Michael Ammar #2 by Michael Ammar video DOWNLOAD

    Immediately upon its release, The Magic of Michael Ammar became one of the fastest-selling magic books in history. Now, for the first time as a download, you can actually see the magic that made Michael Ammar a world-champion magician performed by its creator at the very peak of his powers. Then, Michael takes you behind the scenes and demonstrates why he is widely considered to be one of the world's very best magic teachers. You'll learn not just the secrets to these powerful effects but also all of the minute details that will enable you to add these world-class tricks and techniques to your own repertoire.

    Recorded by broadcast-quality cameras and performed in front of a lay audience, you'll find all of your favorite Ammar classics. Whether you use this download as the perfect companion for the best-selling book or as a stand-alone learning tool, you'll find material suitable for all skill levels and a variety of venues.

    This is the magic that created a legend... and now it can be yours.

    Volume 2 - World-Class Close-Up
    • Beanie Weenie
    • Striking Vanish (David Williamson)
    • Coin in Pen Cap - Two Versions
    • The Yeast Card - Card to Matchbook
    • Ambitious Card Bluff Move(Tommy Wonder)
    • One-Handed Card Fold
    • Coins Across - Two Versions (Mike Gallo)
    • The Gallo Pitch
    • Card on Ceiling
    • $2 Bill into 2 Ones
    • Bonus:Gary Ouellet-Moves on the Ambitious Card
    • Deck Vanish
    • Coins in Silk (Ammar)
    "One of the best close-up workers in the past 50 years. He's a genius."
    - Dai Vernon

    Running Time Approximately: 1hr 41min

    Idioma: Inglés