Stars Of Magic 3 (Frank Garcia) DOWNLOAD
    • Stars Of Magic 3 (Frank Garcia) DOWNLOAD

    Stars Of Magic 3 (Frank Garcia) DOWNLOAD

    Murphy's Magic Supplies proudly offers the only high-quality video featuring Frank Garcia, a legendary magician. This tape includes a variety of tricks suitable for all skill levels, such as Surprise Finish, Sponge Ball Routine, and more. With performances like Paul Harris' Overkill, this video is a must-have for any magic enthusiast.

    Frank Garcia's Magical Classics video (Vol 7) showcases classic tricks like Cups & Balls, Wild Coin, and Signed Card in Mouth. With endorsements from David Copperfield and Slydini, this video is a valuable resource for learning magic. Running at approximately 116 minutes, it's a fantastic way to learn from a true master of the craft.

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    Stars Of Magic #3 (Frank Garcia) DOWNLOAD

    Murphy's Magic Supplies is proud to present the only broadcast-quality video available from Frank Garcia. Respected as one of magic's all-time best performers, this tape has something for everyone.
    • Surprise Finish
    • Four Bullet Routine
    • Triumph Outdone
    • The Traveling Visitor
    • Sponge Ball Routine
    • The Master Vanish
    • Eyemazing
    • Elevator Cup & Ball Routine
    • Paul Harris' Overkill (performance only)


    • Cups & Balls
    • Cig-A-Rama
    • Retention Coin Vanish
    • Wild Coin
    • Quadruple Coincidence
    • Signed Card in Mouth
    • An Ambitious Card
    • Three Shell Game
    "What a great way to learn. I highly recommend it!"
    - David Copperfield
    "He is a legend in his time, and will leave an important legacy."
    - Slydini

    Running Time Approximately 116min

    Idioma: Inglés