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    • Close Up Performer TRANSFER by Esya G video DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    TRANSFER by Esya G video DOWNLOAD

    Dr. Cyril Thomas raves about this rubber band magic trick, calling it a visually stunning version of a classic. It's a simple yet impressive trick that will amaze your audience.

    With two rubber bands in different colors, you can perform this trick anytime, anywhere. It's easy to do, clean, and examinable. Esya G has modernized the Transpo Plot with rubber bands, making it a must-have for any magician. Check it out now and add some magic to your repertoire!

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    TRANSFER by Esya G video DOWNLOAD

    "This is a great and visual rubberband version of a classic of magic"
    - Dr.Cyril Thomas

    Introducing, a very visual and beautiful change of rubber band!

    You show 2 rubber bands (green and yellow) to the spectator. Ask the spectator to choose one of the rubber band (for example Yellow) and hold by spectator's...

    Fully examinable and super practical without having to carry a lot of rubber band your wrist!
    • EASY TO DO
    • Anytime and anywhere
    • With detailed instruction
    The Transpo Plot may be a classic of magic, but Esya G just brought it into the 21st century with rubber band!

    Check out now!

    Idioma: Inglés

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