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    Impossible case

    Imagine this: a magician pulls a life-size golf ball out of a super slim miniature briefcase. Yes, you read that right, a golf ball that is much larger than the briefcase. Seems impossible, doesn't it? But that's what this magic trick does.

    The methacrylate briefcase measures just 10 x 2.5 x 6 cm. And although only the briefcase comes with it, you can make several objects appear from it, as long as they are the right size. Get ready to amaze everyone with this trick!

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    The magician shows the spectators a tiny briefcase. He puts it down on the table, opens it up, and produces a full size real golf ball from it. The golf ball is much bigger than the brief case, and it seems impossible that such a large ball could be produced from such a thin case.

    • The plexiglas briefcase measures cm 10 (l) x 2,5 (h) x 6 (w).
    • Only the briefcase is supplied. You can produce various objects from it as long as they are the correct size to work with the case.

    Difficulty: No skill required
    Paper instructions

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