A CLOSE UP SHOW! by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
    • A CLOSE UP SHOW! by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    A CLOSE UP SHOW! by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    This "Close Up Show!" is the perfect package to become a master of close-up magic! This show-stopping package includes three amazing routines for an incredible show

    First, there's "PASTEBOARD PRISON", where three convicts escape and then get locked up by clever guards

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    A Close Up Show! is a package deal... three excellent routines that have been "routined" together to provide you with a real close-up show.

    INTRODUCTION - How to "routine" these three effects together to produce an incredible close-up show!

    1) PASTEBOARD PRISON - Three convicts break out of prison, locking up the four Ace Guards. The clever guards end up catching the three outlaws... while they were locked up!

    2) TRIPLE THREAT COIN - The performer makes a coin travel from his hand, to two different locations. The third time, the coin actually goes into his hand for all to see, and then closed into a fist. With two spectators, each holding a wrist of the magician, the coin still "flies" to the other hand in a miraculous manner!

    3) CHEEK TO CHEEK - Probably the most direct, in-your face, Triumph effect ever devised! This routine DEFIES ALL LOGIC... and it is SO EASY to do! Your spectators will be floored!


    Learn a very devious method of extracting a selection from a fan of cards! The many uses for this technique (and the various ways to use it) will really "up" your card magic!

    Download the eBook and video and start performing this show!