Amazo Production by Sandro Loporcaro - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Amazo Production by Sandro Loporcaro - Video DOWNLOAD

    Amazo Production by Sandro Loporcaro - Video DOWNLOAD

    Sandro Loporcaro, also known as Amazo, has created a groundbreaking card production technique that requires no gimmicks or hidden devices. This innovative method allows for a clean and visually stunning production, giving the impression that the cards materialize out of thin air. Ideal for stage performances, this new card production has received high praise from renowned magician Silvan.

    With open fingers and a strong visual impact, Amazo's card production is a game-changer in the world of magic. The absence of gimmicks adds to the authenticity of the trick, making it even more impressive. Silvan himself commends the beautiful handling of this technique, highlighting its excellence for both stage and scene performances.

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    A new card production invented by Sandro Loporcaro.

    Amazo (Sandro Loporcaro) was able to develop a new way of producing cards, with open fingers and no gimmick. The result is a clean production and with a strong visual impact. The cards really seem to appear out of nowhere. Excellent production for the stage and the scene!

    "...handling very beautiful! Congratulations!"
    - Silvan

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