Android by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Android by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD

    Android by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD

    Ambitious Card, Scribble, and Prediction are three gimmicks that allow you to perform impressive card tricks. In Ambitious Card, a spectator selects and signs a card, which is then placed in the middle of the deck. When the deck is dropped onto a table or into someone's hands, the selected card magically appears on top. Scribble involves the spectator selecting a card and you drawing a scribble on the back of it. When the deck is dropped, the scribble transforms into their chosen card. In Prediction, a wrong prediction is written on the back of a playing card, but when the deck is dropped, the writing changes to match the spectator's chosen card. These tricks are easy to perform and offer endless possibilities for amazing your audience.

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    A gimmick that allows you to change writings or make a selected card rise to the top.

    AMBITIOUS CARD: A card is selected and signed you then put the signed card into the middle of the pack and when you drop the deck into a table their hands or at your own palm their selection is visually appear into the top.

    SCRIBBLE: Spectator select a card and you make a scribble drawing into the back of the card and when you drop the deck the drawing turns into their selected card.

    PREDICTION: A wrong prediction is shown write into the back of the playing card when the deck is drop the writings is change into their chosen card.


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