Anywhere by David Luu video DOWNLOAD
    • Anywhere by David Luu video DOWNLOAD
    • Anywhere by David Luu video DOWNLOAD

    Anywhere by David Luu video DOWNLOAD

    This trick is sure to impress everyone! The magician shows the spectator a deck of cards, and has them choose one and place it anywhere in the deck

    Surprisingly, when they look at the card that's now right underneath theirs, it matches perfectly! That's not all - when the rest of the deck is revealed, it's blank! With no angles, a simple setup and it working 100% of the time, you'll never want to be without this trick

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    So deeply deceptive, it fools even the most clever spectators. And the kicker ending FRIES EVERYONE.

    Once you learn the secret, you'll never want to leave your house without it.

    The spectator places one card anywhere in the deck -- the card immediately underneath it MATCHES PERFECTLY! Might all the cards be the same? Actually, they are, as you finally show that the rest of the deck is BLANK!
    • No angle issues
    • Easy to do
    • Resets Instantly
    • Works 100% of the time
    • No complex setup
    Download the video and learn this mind-boggling effect!

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