Arbitrium by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD
    • Arbitrium by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD
    • Arbitrium by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD
    • Arbitrium by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD
    • Arbitrium by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD

    Arbitrium by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD

    ARBITRIUM is an incredible combination of a Double Prediction and Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN) in one easy-to-follow magic effect

    The performer removes a mysterious card, already predetermined, from his wallet

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    ARBITRIUM combines a Double Prediction with Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN) into a compelling and easy-to-follow plot that baffles audiences.

    The performer removes a mystery, odd-backed lucky card from his wallet and isolates it. Two decks are then introduced -- a number deck and a standard deck of cards. Both decks are spread for the spectator to choose ANY card from each (they really do touch any card from each deck!). Next, instead of a tedious counting procedure found in most ACAANs, the performer retrieves the isolated lucky card, which is then turned over to show that it's not only a perfect match to the freely selected card, but it also has the chosen number permanently written on it! An exact coincidence -- proving that it truly is a lucky card!

    Key Points:
    • The description above is how the effect plays out every time (no "best case scenario")
    • Very practical method
    • Easy to do
    • Resets in under 10 seconds
    • Multiple versions taught, including variations with just one deck
    • Can be adapted to a variety of other creative ideas aside from cards and numbers (such as names, drawings, logos, colors, etc.)
    Here are a few quotes from reviews over at The Magic Cafe:

    "This is a very practical-to-perform, strong, deceptive effect, and it uses a nice marriage of principles to make it all work."
    - Matt "Mayavi" Packard

    "Well structured and thought-out routine. An effect I predict that all, or at least most, will use if the ACAAN plot is your thing... It won't end up at the bottom of a magic drawer... Recommended!"
    - Rizzo

    "If you have no issues with doing a one-time setup and carrying two decks specific for this effect, then this is a very interesting piece that is guaranteed to floor spectators."
    - ash2arani

    Format: 50-minute instant video download

    Note: There is a one-time, easy DIY construction to setup the decks for the effect, which uses materials that most magicians likely already have.

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