At the Table Live Lecture - Alan Rorrison 12/10/2014 - video DOWNLOAD
    • At the Table Live Lecture - Alan Rorrison 12/10/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

    At the Table Live Lecture - Alan Rorrison 12/10/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

    Alan Rorrison is a highly creative consultant and magician who has worked with renowned performers like Dynamo and TROY. He has introduced numerous successful effects to the world of magic, showcasing his ability to think outside the box. In his upcoming lecture, Alan will not only perform and explain never-before-seen effects, but also provide insights into his creative process. He will discuss the differences between creating magic for TV and for personal use, offering a unique perspective on the art form. This is an exciting opportunity to witness unpublished work from Alan Rorrison and gain valuable knowledge on creativity from a truly innovative individual.In the lecture, Alan will showcase several intriguing effects.
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    Alan Rorrison is quite the creative fellow. He has been a creative consultant for both Dynamo and TROY, and has released many hit effects into the magical universe. He thinks outside of the box and his many creations reflect that mindset.

    In this lecture, Alan will be performing and explaining effects that have never seen print. Not only that, he will spend time talking about the creative process from HIS point of view, and share with you what goes on in his mind when trying to create a new effect. Alan will also talk about creating magic for TV and how that differs from creating for himself and others. So, unpublished work from Alan Rorrison? A talk on creativity from a creative guy? Yes please!

    Slick Sandwich - A sandwich routine where the spectator throws in 2 jokers into a dribbled deck and catch their own signed card.

    Misers Monte - A Monte routine where all the controls are done for you with a simple gimmick and you can always win.

    Broken home 2.0 - The updated broken and restored key that uses a borrowed key and a simple gimmick that can be carried on you any time anywhere.

    Linked - Take a key off your spectator's key chain and visually link it back on in a second.

    Trans - A bill transpo that happens in the spectators hands.

    Quick cap - A signed cap in bottle where only one cap is used and the spectator is left with the bottle.

    Peter's beer - A self-popping beer or soda bottle. Completely hands off.

    Money through headphones - Take some headphones and have the spectator hold the cord for you. You then take a banknote and pass it visually through.

    NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.

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