At the Table Live Lecture Chris Randall May 18th 2016 video DOWNLOAD
    • At the Table Live Lecture Chris Randall May 18th 2016 video DOWNLOAD

    At the Table Live Lecture Chris Randall May 18th 2016 video DOWNLOAD

    Las Vegas native Chris Randall is a highly experienced magician who has been performing on the Las Vegas Strip for 15 years. He has appeared on popular shows like Masters of Illusion and has performed at prestigious venues like the Magic Castle. Randall is not only a talented performer but also a respected teacher, with his original material published in Magic Magazine and Genii, and a collection of instructional DVDs.

    One of Randall's unique tricks is Fly by Night, his own take on the hummer card trick, which adds an extra level of excitement. Another standout routine is Inception, hailed by renowned magician Doc Eason as the best bill to lemon trick ever.

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    Las Vegas Native, Chris Randall is here with his out of this world At The Table Experience. You may have seen Chris perform on Masters if Illusion or even the Magic Castle, but did you know that he's been working on the Las Vegas Strip for 15 years?

    With original material published in Magic Magazine, Genii among his numerous DVD's such as Sugar High, Magic at the Bar, Sweet, Heaven's Aces and his acclaimed best seller "Inception", said to be the "last word in to bill to lemon" by Doc Eason, Randall has grown in to not only a fine performer/creator but a stellar teacher throughout his experience in Lectures.

    What are a few of the pieces you'll learn?:

    Fly by Night- Chris' own unique approach to the hummer card which heightens the moment considerably. Inception - Doc Eason touts that this is the best bill to lemon. Ever. Sugar High - A sugar packet is taken from the dinner table and held in full view the whole time. The spectator picks a color the sugar packet is torn open and the sugar inside the pack is the selected color. The Street Talk- Chris' approach to stopping a crowd, making them stay, and making them pay.

    ... and much more!

    "This has elements that I could see adopting into my routine and I have done it the same way for 30 years. This is pure gold. My hat is off to you pal. This is the last word on Bill In Lemon." -Doc Eason

    "The Inception is Chris Randall at his best. It's a solid working routine from a real working magician." -Shawn Farquhar F.I.S.M Grand Prix winner

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