At The Table Live Lecture Cody Nottingham April 19th 2017 video DOWNLOAD
    • At The Table Live Lecture Cody Nottingham April 19th 2017 video DOWNLOAD

    At The Table Live Lecture Cody Nottingham April 19th 2017 video DOWNLOAD

    Renowned magician Cody Nottingham is set to deliver his first-ever lecture with "At The Table". Known for his visual, hard-hitting magic, Cody will share a range of routines, moves, and magic concepts. These include "Ring Penetration", a gimmickless ring-penetration effect, and "Ring Through Shirt Penetration", a variation where the ring travels through fabric. He'll also share "Queens Assembly Routine", an impromptu routine where 4 Queens disappear and reappear onto the final packet.

    Other tricks include "Dude Where's Your Card?", where a spectator's chosen card is found using Queens, and "Punched and Restored Bill", where a hole in a bill disappears.

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    Those of you who've heard the name Cody Nottingham know just the kind of visual, hard-hitting magic he delivers. From his break-out successes with "Changes", "Shake", and "Code Red", Cody brings an onslaught of routines, moves, and magic concepts in his first-ever lecture here with us At The Table! Here's what you'll learn:

    Ring Penetration: A gimmickless ring-penetration effect that starts on the finger of one hand, and ends up on the finger on your other hand.

    Ring Through Shirt Penetration: A variation on the ring penetration where the ring travels through the fabric of your shirt.

    Queens Assembly Routine: A gimmickless and impromptu routine where 4 Queens are placed onto 4 different packets of cards. One by one, the Queens in each packet disappear and finally reappear onto the final packet.

    Dude Where's Your Card?: A spectator chooses a card and loses it back into the pack. The magician now uses the Queens to find the spectator's card.

    Punched and Restored Bill: A spectator punches a hole in a bill. In a split second, the hole is gone!

    Interchange: A utility switch device hidden in plain sight. Incredibly easy to build and even easier to use!

    Top Card Tenkai: A move that gets a card that's supposed to be lost in a pack into Tenkai palm position with one hand.

    One Handed Card Switch: Inspired by the MacMillan Switch, this is a quick and mechanical card change with tons of potential uses.

    Various Triumph: A chosen card is lost in a face-up and face-down deck. The magician fairly cleans up the face-up and face-down situation, but when the magician spreads the cards, the selected card is the only card reversed in the deck!

    Cipher: A simple and devilishly clever bill serial number divination effect. It's easy to perform and even easier to get great reactions.

    TC Change: A visual color change of a vertical card in a horizontal deck.

    Cody's Queens: Cody's version of Bill Goodwin's "Queens." A visually stunning piece of magic where Queens seem to disappear from the top of the pack into the middle of the deck.

    Cody's Pop Out Move: A selection pops out of a riffle and bridged deck.

    Spread Split: A flourish that reveals and displays the middle card of a sandwich trick!

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