At the Table Live Lecture - Doc Dixon 9/17/2014 - video DOWNLOAD
    • At the Table Live Lecture - Doc Dixon 9/17/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

    At the Table Live Lecture - Doc Dixon 9/17/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

    Doc Dixon is a versatile magician with expertise in cards, coins, and even paper balls. He has published works, including the hilarious MonkeyShines series, which offers amazing material on failure tricks and his unique take on the Paper Balls over the Head trick. One of his notable effects is Diary of Decision, which is highly effective for both close-up and stage performances. In his upcoming lecture, Doc will not only share his secrets but also keep the audience entertained with his humor. The lecture will cover various topics, including a prequel to perform before a tossed out deck, a riffle stack technique inspired by Marlo, Leipzig, Gardner, and Doc himself, a finger-pulling trick similar to "The Web," and a prediction concept called Carpe Cajones.
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    Doc is a renaissance man. Cards, coins, and even paper balls, Doc Dixon is truly well-rounded in magic. He has numerous published works including his MonkeyShines series which is hilarious and full of amazing material including information on failure tricks and even his take on the Paper Balls over the Head. His effect, Diary of Decision, is a real worker for both close-up and stage.

    In this lecture, Doc is going to keep you laughing while sharing with you some of the secrets that has made him so successful over the years. Prepare to be entertained with Doc Dixon!

    This is what Doc's lecture will cover:

    A "prequel" to perform before tossed out deck

    Five hands Plus One:
    A pseudo double duke riffle stack from a shuffled deck. Combines the ideas of Marlo, Leipzig, Gardner and yours truly.

    Pull my finger:
    A spectator pulls off the performer's index finger. Like "The Web", but without the arachnophobia baggage.

    Carpe Cajones Revisited:
    A performer writes a prediction on the face of a playing card, predicting the selected card and the month the spectator was born. Introduces the "Carpe Cajones" concept, a power concept for predictions.

    Bits of Business:
    Small, yet powerful additions to classic tricks, including the McCombical Prediction and a VERY commercial use for a chick pan for restaurant workers.

    All this PLUS 3-5 more effects, all fresh from the mind of Doc Dixon!

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