At the Table Live Lecture - Jack Carpenter 12/3/2014 - video DOWNLOAD
    • At the Table Live Lecture - Jack Carpenter 12/3/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

    At the Table Live Lecture - Jack Carpenter 12/3/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

    Jack Carpenter is a highly respected figure in the world of magic, with over 40 years of experience. His unique sleight of hand techniques have earned him praise from top cardmen in the industry. Through his books, manuscripts, and DVDs, Jack has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge with sleight of hand enthusiasts. Now, you have the opportunity to learn never-before-published material from this legendary magician.

    In his "sleight of hand course," Jack will cover various card steals, shuffles, and controls. Additionally, he will showcase never-before-seen routines that incorporate these moves. Some of the highlights include "Way Off Balance," a highly visual card magic trick where the deck instantly appears on the table, leaving only the four aces in the box.

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    Jack Carpenter has contributed over 40 years of his life to the art of magic. His sleight of hand techniques are truly one of a kind. Jack WILL completely FRY your mind as he takes you down one path only to completely de-rail what you THINK you know.. THAT is the reason why Jack Carpenter has been praised by some of the top cardmen in magic today. From his published books, to manuscripts, to DVDs, Jack has spent a lifetime paving the way for the die-hard sleight of hand enthusiasts.

    This will be YOUR chance to learn NEVER BEFORE published material from one of magic's true legends. In this "sleight of hand course", Jack will be going over:

    Card steals, shuffles and controls. PLUS Jack will show you some never before seen routines that utilize these moves. Here are just a few of the items that Jack will be sharing with you:

    Way Off Balance - Freely place 4 aces on to the table and then place the rest of the deck in the box. With NO funny movements, the deck is seen to instantly be on the table, leaving only the 4 aces in the box. Highly visual card magic!!!!

    Gambling Protection 101 - After shuffling and cutting the deck several times, you spread the cards on to the table. You reach into your jacket pocket and show that you have stolen all of the red cards, leaving only the black cards behind.

    The NEW Carpenter Shuffle Shift - Place 4 aces into four different parts of the deck. Execute a few riffle shuffles. With NO funny moves, the Aces all end up gathering under your drink! (This is just one of MANY applications that utilize this fantastic move.)

    NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.