At The Table Live Mr. Pearl October 3, 2018 video DOWNLOAD
    • At The Table Live Mr. Pearl October 3, 2018 video DOWNLOAD

    At The Table Live Mr. Pearl October 3, 2018 video DOWNLOAD

    Come and be dazzled by the amazing tricks of Mr

    Pearl, Korea's only magic magazine editor and bar magician with over 10 years of experience! Learn his unique close-up routines that you can add to your magic repertoire

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    Meet the man behind the brilliant "Pearl's Coin," "Lumber," and "Pincredible." It's none other than Mr. Pearl! With over 10 years of experience as a bar magician, and now working as Korea's only magic magazine editor, Mr. Pearl has some tricks up his sleeve. He brings a collection of unique close-up routines that you will absolutely add to your magic repertoire. Prepare to fully emerge in Mr. Pearl's brilliant magic right here, At The Table. Here's what you'll learn:

    Simple Triumph: A simple yet effective Triumph routine.

    Coin Division: Make 4 coins appear in the most visual way possible! Perfect for show openings!

    OP Matrix: A coin is placed in each of the four corners - they then miraculously move to one corner.

    Coin and Glass: A cup and coin routine using 4 coins.

    Lumber: An Out Of This World variation using poker chips.

    No Dice Mystery: Predict the spectator's chosen card with nothing but a single die.

    Oracle: The 1st spectator accurately predicts the 2nd spectator's randomly chosen card.

    Help us welcome one of Korea's most unique performers. Join us for Mr. Pearl's At The Table lecture.

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