Bandual by Doan video DOWNLOAD
    • Bandual by Doan video DOWNLOAD

    Bandual by Doan video DOWNLOAD

    Doan's Bandual" magic trick and be amazed at what you can do with just one rubber band! With this trick, you can visually produce a new rubber band from one, and even do a visually stunning color change! With easy-to-follow instructions, you can learn this trick in no time and leave your spectators wondering "WTF, some witchcraft?? I can't figure it out

    Amazing!!" Get ready to wow your audience with Doan's Bandual!

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    "WTF, some witchcraft?? I can't figure it out. Amazing!!"
    - Mario Tarasini (creator of 'Card Flex' and 'QuickSilver')

    "Hi friends! My name is Doan and I want to bring you some new effects with rubber bands in this download. Imagine you just have one rubber band and then you visually produce a new one from it. Of course, in front of your spectator's eyes. Or, you can also visually do a very cool rubber band color change effect. What're you waiting for? Bandual is for you today!"

    Download the video and start learning instantly!

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