Big Mind by Parlin Lay video DOWNLOAD
    • Big Mind by Parlin Lay video DOWNLOAD

    Big Mind by Parlin Lay video DOWNLOAD

    Parlin Lay has developed a new card-memorization system that is sure to impress. A magician introduces a shuffled deck of cards and announces that he will memorize all the cards. After some time, the magician claims to have memorized the deck and asks the audience to give him a number between 1 and 52. He then correctly identifies the card at the given position, stunning the audience.

    The 'Big Mind' video download provides a comprehensive guide on how to perform this remarkable feat. Key points to remember include: the use of a regular deck of cards, the ability to perform the tr...

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    This is another great creation by Parlin Lay!

    A breakthrough card-memorization system!

    A deck of cards is introduced and shuffled by the audience. The magician announces that he will now memorize all the cards. After a while, the magician states that he has indeed memorized all the cards and asks the audience to give him any number from 1 to 52. Whatever number is given, he is able to name what card is at that position. Let's assume the chosen number is 36 and the magician says the card at the 36th position is the TEN OF SPADES. The spectator begins to count as he deals the cards on the table. When he reaches the 36th card, he turns it over... it is TEN OF SPADES!! This is truly a reputation maker!

    This Big Mind video download will teach you all the details so you can perform this amazing feat of memory and astound your audience!

    • Use a regular deck of card
    • Nearly impromptu
    • Can be repeated
    • NO deck switch
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