Bill Malone On the Loose 3 video DOWNLOAD
    • Bill Malone On the Loose 3 video DOWNLOAD

    Bill Malone On the Loose 3 video DOWNLOAD

    Volume Three of Bill Malone's magic collection features a variety of impressive tricks and routines. Inspired by Michael Skinner, the Mental Photography Cards are a standout favorite. The Kings Produce is an easy-to-do Ace production that combines Marlo ideas, while Maxi-Twist showcases Mr. Roger Smith's classic magic with Bill's presentation. Apex Aces 2002 adds a visual reappearance to the original trick. Name Any Number and You Can Do It Too! combines two card classics, Count On It and Cutting Tens, for a magical blend. Bill's Cards Across routine, featured on ABC's Champions of Magic, is a crowd-pleasing routine suitable for both stand-up and close-up performances. Lastly, Bill presents a wonderful routine for the Invisible Deck that builds up to a guaranteed standing ovation.
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    Volume Three Contains:

    Direct from the Factory Inspired by Michael Skinner, this version of the Mental Photography Cards is Bill's favorite!

    The Kings Produce An easy-to-do Ace production using a combination of Marlo ideas. Maxi-Twist Mr. Roger Smith's unbelievable classic of magic with Bill's presentation!

    Apex Aces 2002 An important touch on the original Apex Aces plus visual reappearance!

    Name Any Number and You Can Do It Too! Two card classics come together with Bill's magical blend of Paul Cummins' masterpiece, Count On It, and David Solomon's ingenious Cutting Tens!

    Bill's Cards Across As seen on ABC's Champions of Magic! Your audience will love this fun routine which Bill uses all the time for stand-up and close-up.

    Standing Ovation Invisible Deck Bill's wonderful presentation for the Invisible Deck, which builds and builds into a guaranteed standing ovation!

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