Bluff by Monowar video DOWNLOAD
    • Bluff by Monowar video DOWNLOAD

    Bluff by Monowar video DOWNLOAD

    This amazing magic trick will truly blow your mind! A spectator freely selects a card and signs it, while the magician also signs a random card

    The magician then trades the signed cards with the spectator, and then, with a wave of their hand, the magician shows that the initial transaction didn't happen - they still have the spectator's card and the spectator still has theirs! All this with no sleight of hand! Want to learn how to do this amazing trick? Download the video today!

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    Pure impossibility with two signed cards!

    A spectator signs a freely chosen card. The performer also signs a random card.

    You give the spectator your signed card and show them that you have their signed card in your hand.

    Now you give them their card and take yours back. Somehow by magic, even though you clearly traded the cards, you show that nothing has happened -- you STILL have their card and they still have yours!

    This is Bluff!

    Download the video today.

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